Fiberglass Boat Fishing


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Fiberglass Boat Products

1. Fiberglass flat boat size 192*500*52cm. Suitable for using as flood rescue boat. Capacity of up to  20  people.

2. Fiberglass boat size 12 ft. dimension 108*360*38cm. suitable for attach engine to use as fishing vessal. or make to speed boat.

3. Fishing Vessel size 10.5 ft. dimension 130*300*38cm.

4. Fiberglass boat model 1 size 8 ft. dimension 80*240*30cm

5. Fiberglass boat model 2 size 8 ft. dimension 75*240*25cm. suitable for using on canals.

6. Fiberglass kayaks with dimension of 70*240*38cm.

7. Small fiberglass rowing boat.

8. Pesticide spraying boat.

Materials we used on building fiberglass boats are as follows

  • The outer surface of fiberglass boats are sprayed with gelcoat for durability and shiny surface.
  • The boats are added with now fewer than two layers of fiberglass shopstand 600.
  • Other resin grade 355E are used, which are suitable for high-speed craft because it increased  strenght and durability.

Key features of fiberglass boats

1. Durable and strong.

2. Lightweight.

3. Inexpensive.

4. Easy to move and take care of.



For more details and information about fiberglass pedal boats please contact Sirathan at 0828584969