Round cone plant pot


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Plastic glowing pot LED light

Sell ​​multipurpose plastic pots with LED lights. Can change color with remote control and change color up to 12 Color available at Chat Battery Made of fine plastic Waterproof, suitable for planting trees Soak drinks in various parties. It is a tray of light, decorative, gardening or party decoration.

Round cone plant pot


Size Up42.5 * Dn30 * H92CM

Can change color
With remote control, change color lights
Made of good plastic
Rechargeable battery, 5V1A 100-240V, 12pcs RGB5050 + 12pcs W3014 LED
Waterproof IP65 for outdoor use
RGBW color changing
Remote control
Inductive charging
PE plastic material
Square shape, square shape Up39 * Dn26 * H40CM = 2900.-

Square shape, Up34 * Dn26 * H26CM = 2500.-

Square shape, Up41 * Dn30 * H55CM = 4300.-

Square shape, Up45 * Dn30 * H70CM = 6000.-

Square shape, square shape, Up36 * Dn26 * H74CM = 6300.-

Square shape, square shape, Up40 * Dn30 * H80CM = 6500.-

Round shape cone, Up38 * Dn26 * H40CM = 3900.-

Round shape cone cone Up38 * Dn25 * H90CM = 6500.-

Round shape cone cone Up42.5 * Dn30 * H92CM = 6500.-