Grand Siam universal

Production of die casting products, mold formwork, castings, resin work, fiberglass, fiber toilet, fiber boat, plant pots, doors, glass fiber roof sheets Fiberglass water bicycle boat Fiberglass boat Mobile bathroom Finished bathroom Plot pots, LED lights, slides, slide space bowl and sell various sizes of sliders. Along with the production and installation of small, medium, large sliders or water park work Fiberglass pool

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Fiberglass Spray Mushroom

Fiberglass Spray Mushroom Installed in an empty pool or installed in the garden

Provide shade and add beauty Should take pictures of tourist attractions

The color of the mushrooms uses a color that is highly resistant to UV. Makes the color fresh, lasting

Mushroom size fiberglass width * height = 200 zen * 260 zen


Manufacture of fiberglass, acrylic and brass workpieces and sell various products made from fiberglass resin, brass, acrylic.

If you have any questions, you can contact
Mr. Sirathanphon Piromtharee,

Line1: @upifiber
Line2: arttowish or 0828584969